Ranakpur/Jain Temple

Today w visited the 15th century Jain temple, dedicated to Lord Rishabadeva.

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Our room was below the Fort. Lovely place. Tomorrow is our last day of the organized vacation.

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This is our hotel in Jodhpur, a beautiful haveli with a modern addition below the great fort. My favorite so far. Last night Holi started. So far as I can tell it consists of lighting cow dung patties with a priests’ blessing and then throwing color over one another.


We spent yesterday (Feb 27) traveling through the Thar desert to the town of Bikaner, famed for its beautiful Junagarth Fort.

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The roads are rough! This picture is the courtyard of our hotel, the Vivaana. We were greeted by peacocks, drums, and trumpets. Lovely ambiance.

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Neemrana Fort Palace

The small sleepy, dusty village of Neemrana is about 70 miles from Delhi. We traveled on the main Jaipur-Delhi highway,made a sharp right turn onto a descript dirt road, jostle for about 4miles, and arrive at the Grand SuryaPol. Out of the blue appears lush orange and pink bougainvillea cascading over stone walls of a formidable palace. The structure is cut into the hillside, hidden and protected in a horseshoe formation by the Aravilli mountain range.

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Arriving in India

India is hurtling headlong from third world to the first as one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

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Why is Compounding Magic?

Over very long periods of time compounding will make you rich.  We find it to be one of the more amazing aspects. Investing intelligently at high rates of return and/or over long periods provides investors with substantial sums.  Even Albert Einstein said, “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.”  And this was the man that derived the Theory of Relatively!

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Is Saving Worth it?

The answer to the question that titles this post is an easy one.  The answer is yes, absolutely, yes.

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What Would You Pay For a Dollar?

It is no doubt true that, when prompted, the maximum any given person would buy a dollar for is one dollar.

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