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It seems as though everyone is downloading and using apps on their smartphones or utilizing some interesting new software.  No one would believe that I am a first adopter, but some free software that I find to be very advantageous includes:

This is a travel organizer website and a life-saver for complicated trips.  It automatically converts all hotel, car rental, and airline reservations into a cohesive travel itinerary by simply forwarding your confirmation emails.  Any other special items including dinner reservations, maps, distance from airport, Mapquest, notes, personal tours, etc. can be added to each day’s events.  Everything can be organized by date and time.  You can share it with friends, family and the office.  You can even import pictures!  I never leave for a trip without a tripit itinierary.

We know that you can run but never hide.  This website lets you show your family and friends exactly where you are and track your progress on a road trip. It does make you nostalgic for the days when you really could escape.  So long 1970’s!  One of the more fascinating articles that appeared in Wired was a story of a journalist who, as a challenge and with his editor’s blessing, disappeared off the grid.  It took a worldwide group of gamers, but they found him before the search period ended.  The article appeared in the 2009 issue of Wired.  Finding a copy of the article may be harder to find than the journalist.

This is a note taking app that allows you to avoid scraps of paper, but still remember all the little details that you want to save for future reference.   Every week the company sends you a note on how to fully utilize their program.  This program has been recommended to by several people.  I am experimenting with it now.  It receives a 5-star rating and effusive testimonials.  Keep posted and I will let you know if it serves my needs also.

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