Portfolio Construction

You cannot predict, but you can prepare.

Howard Marks, CEO Oaktree Capital Management

Every client has a unique set of financial goals; therefore, we customize each client portfolio. This individualistic approach enables us to provide a high level of service.  Each client portfolio is built with the same care and the same securities with which we build our own portfolios.  We insist on making sure our interests are aligned.  Rather than put clients in set “buckets” based on answers to a brief survey, our portfolios are carefully constructed to reward clients in good times and in bad times.  We aim for consistency of performance.  With individual goals in mind a portfolio is built with the following characteristics: 


We tend to put the most money with our best ideas. Furthermore, the underlying portfolios held by the managers hired to invest assets are typically concentrated.

Diligent Selection

We ensure that each manager selected for a client portfolio has been properly vetted and interviewed and they are operating a process under a philosophy which we believe will unlock satisfactory long-term returns.

Fundamentally Researched

We refuse to overpay for something simply because it is currently in vogue. We, like the managers we hire, prefer not to pay more than an asset is worth.

Low Turnover

We purchase securities for the long-term and hold them. We find that keeping transactions to a minimum affords clients better tax efficiency. We are not swayed by short-term price swings; we will typically sell when our initial investment thesis has deteriorated.

Broadly Diversified

We do not know which asset class will be the best performer in the future. Therefore, each portfolio is structured to be able to take advantage of potential upside while protecting on the downside.