Why a CFA?

You hire an M.D when you need medical advice; you hire a CPA when you need accounting advice; and, you should hire a CFA® when you need investment advice.

The CFA® designation stands for Chartered Financial Analyst®, and is only awarded after the completion of three independent exams, usually occurring annually.   The process is rigorous and demanding.  In fact, during the period of 1963 through 2013, just over one million people have taken the first level of the CFA® exam and only 42% have passed.  Additionally, over the same period, the pass rates for level’s two and three are 46% and 59%, respectively. The rigor of the exams ensure that the only candidates that pass are the candidates that should pass. Thus, only 164,000 candidates have earned the CFA® charter since 1963. Finally, and what is even more amazing, the percentage of women who earned a CFA® globally is 19%. Understanding the value of our CFA® designation will help investors – clients – recognize the significance of the knowledge we bring to managing their assets.

Having Wright Associates as an investment advisor, current and prospective clients will have their money managed by very experienced and credentialed advisors.  Clients feel secure that Wright Associates have reputable credentials and are capable of successfully navigating the investment realm.  It was Benjamin Graham, mentor to Warren Buffett, that helped administer the first CFA® exam in 1963.1 It was his intention to qualify investment professionals by putting them through a series of tests that proved their knowledge.  In addition to intelligent investment, the CFA® stresses the importance of integrity and ethics.  It is interesting that we rarely – if ever – have seen someone committing financial fraud that is a CFA® Charterholder. Clients can rest assured that when they are discussing their personal financial details with Wright Associates, they are working with ethical and knowledgeable professionals.

Don’t let your hard earned savings be trusted to anyone.  Trust a CFA®. Trust Wright Associates.

1 – AIMR, Why Select a CFA Charterholder. 2003