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Firm Principles

Top-rated Financial Advisor Pittsburgh PA

Everyone deserves the freedom to focus their energy on the things that make them happy. Our mission is to give our clients that peace of mind by organizing their finances and putting them in control so they feel confident about the future.

The core values that govern Wright Associates are:

  • Have Integrity - We will always do what we say. It’s not just what we do when people are watching; it’s what we do when no one is watching.
  • Be a Fiduciary - We will always put a client’s best interest first. We will not purchase an investment for a client unless we would own it in our personal portfolio, under similar circumstances.
  • Be Transparent - We will always be open and honest. We will transact business that is easily traceable and able to be double-checked.
  • Be Committed - We will always try to be available for clients; our number one priority is to see our clients prosper and achieve their financial goals.
  • Create Meaningful Relationships - We will always treat our clients like family and our family like clients.
  • Think Long-Term - We will always be patient. We will always strive to intelligently allocate capital for the greatest long-term success.
  • Remain Independent -

    We will always come to our conclusions. We will not allow the hot topic of the day to affect our decision making.

Our Process

We will be patient, long-term advisers of capital.

Our process stems from our independence. We do our own work and let the data and evidence determine how to manage portfolios for clients.

Clients receive thoughtfully constructed portfolios consisting of individual stocks, mutual funds and exchange traded funds. We undertake an independent and objective analysis of each security in our universe with the intention of being able to understand how it may perform in the future. That means if we cannot understand the underlying process or historical outcomes we will avoid it.

We make all investment decisions with a thorough understanding of downside risk. We manage risk by investing with a focus on never paying more for an asset than it is fundamentally worth. Some refer to this as value investing, we like to think of it as common sense investing.

One of the more difficult yet important aspects to our process is how we look through the portfolio holdings of a fund. We do not take things at face value. Thus we seek to understand, deeply, what we are buying. There's a lot of hot air in the financial markets, and our goal is to avoid it by developing an extensive mental framework of what works. Therefore, as part of our process we will take apart a portfolio and analyze individual securities. We perform our own qualitative and quantitative analysis. This helps us gain confidence in the process and see if a money manager is doing what they say they are doing.

Everyone wants good performance; we are not alone in that. However, performance should be the outcome of a good process. That's why we focus heavily on process. If the process is good and helps put the odds in your favor then overtime the outcomes should also be good. Good, of course, can be subjective and we encourage client and prospects to schedule time to learn more about how we approach the capital markets.

At the end of the day, our process can be summed up as our attempt to find the right people enacting a philosophy with an understandable process in order to build a reasonable, value-oriented portfolio.

The culmination of our process is a broadly diversified portfolio that is unique to each client and fits their goals, objectives and constraints. This individualistic approach enables us to provide a high level of service. Each client portfolio is built with the same care and funds with which we build our own portfolios. Rather than put clients in set "buckets" based on answers to a brief survey, our portfolios are carefully constructed with the objective to reward clients in good times and in bad times.

Our promise to clients is to invest their hard earned money in the same way and with the same diligence as we do with our own capital. Since we invest alongside we share the same risks as our clients. That's why we find our process so important.



Kathleen and Greg begin working together as Senior Investment Consultants at Yanni-Bilkey Investment Consulting


Greg begins the Asset Planning Group


Kathleen joins Greg in Asset Planning


Greg and Kathleen manage and run the Asset Planning Group at Yanni-Bilkey Investment Consulting. Over this period they interview thousands of investment managers and grow assets to around $500 million


Kathleen and Greg leave Yanni-Bilkey to begin their own investment advisory business


Wright Associates was incorporated and Kathleen and Greg begin to independently manage assets for select institutions and high net worth individuals.


Kathleen and Greg slowly and methodically build their business to assets over $100 million.

Adam K Wright CFA CFP


Wright Associates hires a third employee, Adam Wright. Adam oversees firm operations, IT integration and client reporting as he earns his MBA.


Wright Associates celebrates their 10th anniversary.


Adam earns his CFA credentials.


Adam joins Kathe as the second member of the firm's ownership group, and serves as Managing Partner for Wright Associates.


Kyle Beckhusen, CFP®, CLU® joins the team as a Senior Financial Adviser, adding risk management expertise and considerable bandwidth to the firm.

Meet the Team

Adam K. Wright, CFA, CFP®

Adam K. Wright, CFA, CFP®

Managing Partner

Bachelor of Science, Supply Chain and Information Systems, The Pennsylvania State University

Master of Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh, Katz Graduate School of Business, Beta Gamma Sigma

Chartered Financial Analyst, 2016


When Adam’s nose isn’t stuck in a book you can find him taking a long walk with his two Golden Retrievers, Chace and Shaggy.

Haven’t met the dogs yet?  Stop by the office or come along on a walk, they spend most days at the office with Adam.  Adam lives in Upper St. Clair with his wife and two children.

Kathleen S. Wright, CFA

Kathleen S. Wright, CFA

President and Managing Partner

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, Allegheny College, Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa

Master of Science, Carnegie Mellon University Graduate School of Industrial Administration

Chartered Financial Analyst, 1994

Kathleen has been a citizen of Pittsburgh her entire life.  She is an active adult-learner through the OSHER program at CMU.  When she is not plying her craft you might find her at faraway lands.  Check out the travel blog for details and whimsical photos. Kathleen lives in Upper St. Clair where she can easily enjoy time with her grandchildren.

Kyle Beckhusen, CFP®, CLU®

Kyle Beckhusen, CFP®, CLU®

Senior Financial Adviser

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Geneva College, Cum Laude

Chartered Life Underwriter 2019


Originally hailing from upstate NY, Kyle permanently relocated to Western Pennsylvania after attending Geneva College in Beaver Falls. When he’s not cheering on college basketball, he likes to stay active by running races, triathlons, and playing pickup sports. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two children and serving in his local church as a deacon.

A. Gregory Lintner, CFA

A. Gregory Lintner, CFA

Co-Founder and Senior Financial Adviser Emeritus

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Franciscan University

Master of Public Management, Carnegie Mellon University Heinz School

Chartered Financial Analyst, 1985

Greg is a proud destroyer of hunger problems in Southwestern PA as a long-time member of the Pittsburgh Area Foodbank. As a member of the finance committee, he helps to ensure that the foodbank stays funded for years to come. Greg lives in Mount Lebanon with his wife and daughter. Occasionally, he will sneak off to Siesta Key to enjoy the warm weather and sit on the beach.

Oliver Cohen

Oliver Cohen

Director of Marketing

Bachelor of Arts, New York University, Summa Cum Laude

Oliver is an avid reader, pretend chef and music lover. He enjoys travelling with his wife and two boys, relaxing on beaches, exploring cities and diving into new, local cultures.

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