China Trip: October 2019

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Our Travels

Our Travels

I spent ten days in China having a variety of experiences most of which were professional in nature. I sprinkled in tourism to get a tiny sample of the history, culture, and psyche of the place. After attending 28 meetings, visiting a few national monuments, talking with two local guides, taking the subway and wandering a handful of local markets, I left with the strong feeling I may be thinking wrong about the world. The trip was enlightening. It was not part of my normal day and a lot certainly did not fit my frame of reference. This place, this civilization, has been around for thousands of years but it was new to me.

Ten days in three cities. I experienced a microcosm of China. It would be like visiting New York City and Los Angeles and then making a judgment of the United States. That wouldn’t be fair. Nevertheless, what I saw, heard, and learned was tremendously helpful to building an understanding. It was augmented by wonderful travel companions. We were a fairly diverse group, a global mix with various backgrounds.

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