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Digital Investment Support

What is it?
Kathleen S. Wright Associates, Inc. offers a digital investment tool for clients. Key portfolio management techniques are automated and portfolio administration tasks are all digital. It can be a low cost options for clients seeking professional advice.
We use Intelligent Institutional Portfolios (“IIP”). IIP has been developed by Charles Schwab & Co.

Use the code TJR9
When creating an account at the link below use code TJR9. Clients will be directed to a risk tolerance questionnaire which results in a proposed portfolio. We build and manage the portfolios using a suite of low cost, no transaction fee exchange traded funds.

Who's it good for?
We recommend IIP for high earning, young clients. These are clients that meet many of our ideal client traits but have not yet amassed a sizable amount of investable wealth. We use the digital asset management tool to teach and educate clients about the capital markets and the virtues of compound interest. This provides clients with a very efficient means to save and invest and build the discipline necessary to meet future goals such as funding retirement. Clients also have access to professional advisors.

What's it good at?
IIP is a simple, low cost portfolio allocation tool. It invests in a broadly diversified portfolio of exchange traded funds that are based on an investor’s individual goals, objectives and constraints. We are able to offer this portfolio management system at very reasonable costs because it is automated and scalable. While we personally pick and monitor the investments and the portfolios the efforts of rebalancing are managed digitally.

Using IIP is no different than the experience of any of clients. Although you have access to the IIP portfolio portal for dynamic performance reporting, clients may still access all their account features through the secure Schwab Alliance portal.

IIP reduces many of the frictions of hiring a professional to invest and advise on your money. Notably, it carries a low adviser fee, low underlying expenses and is administered digitally thus taking advantage of quick moving algorithms to reduce tax drag.

We acknowledge that we pursue knowledge.

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