Fiduciary Financial Advice.

Don’t hope you’re achieving financial goals, know you are.



We’ll discover if we’re a fit.

A brief call determines if your needs match our expertise. If so, we’ll schedule a meeting in-office (or virtually). If we’re not the best fit to help, we’re happy to recommend someone who is.

    STEP 2

    Then, you’ll send us some data.

    We like to collect, at a minimum: account statements and tax returns. Almost every retirement income decision has a tax and investment implication. Once provided, we’ll schedule a meeting to review your summary financial plan.

    STEP 3

    So we can develop an initial analysis.

    This initial analysis will clearly answer four key questions:

    • How can I retire when I want to?
    • How do I improve my portfolio?
    • How do I protect what’s important?
    • How can I save on taxes?

    And tell you what to do to solve your financial pain points.

    STEP 4

    And, recommend a retirement plan.

    During our next meeting, we’ll lay out a financial plan personalized for your goals so you can understand exactly what we’ll do to comprehensively improve your finances.

    Take all the time you need to decide if you want to move forward with our team. It’s an important decision!

    STEP 5

    Finally! You can trade worry about
    the future for sheer excitement.

    If you decide to work with us, we’ll meet again to collect more information, complete paperwork, set up accounts and prioritize an action plan that starts you on the road to financial independence and the life you’ve dreamed of.

    Achieving Your Goals Is Our Long Game.

    Financial planning is an ongoing process. We’ll proactively monitor, review, and rebalance your accounts while always keeping our communication with you intentional and actionable.


    Cover all your financial bases.

    Hiring CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ to help you plan and invest for retirement can feel daunting. What do you actually get and how much does it really cost? Let’s dive in:

    What you get.

    iEach year we’ll help you make sure your financial, retirement, and investment plans are on track. Our annual process is ongoing and covers your financial goals, cash flow, taxes, risks, and investments. With custom reports, proactive communication, you’ll know how you’re making progress and improving your financial situation.

    Your path to financial independence includes a custom blend and coordination of these services and more:

    Financial Planning
    ● 529s
    ● Retirement
    ● Education
    ● Financial statements
    ● Goals
    ● Charity
    ● Employee benefits


    Investment Management
    ● IPS
    ● Asset allocation
    ● Reporting
    ● Record keeping
    ● Security selection
    ● Portfolio management
    ● Trading

    Tax Planning
    ● Backdoor Roths
    ● Location analysis
    ● Roth conversions
    ● Gifting
    ● 1040 reviews


    Cash Flow Management
    ● Spending plans
    ● Debt
    ● Savings plans
    ● Comp review
    ● Social Security
    ● Income strats
    ● PYF admin

    Risk Management
    ● Estate planning
    ● Life insurance
    ● Annuities
    ● P&C insurance

    What you pay.

    Our financial planning and investment management services are fee-only. We’ll discuss costs to you in detail as part of the process, but here’s the overview:

    Minimum annual engagement: $6,000
    A $500,000 portfolio; effective cost: 1.10%
    A $1,000,000 portfolio; effective cost: 1.00%
    A $3,000,000 portfolio; effective cost: 0.80%
    A $5,000,000 portfolio; effective cost: 0.68%

    The effective cost is the average you’ll pay for our services, which declines as the assets we manage grows. The effective cost is specific to each client which is based on the total amount of investments we manage. Read more about our billing in Item 5 in our ADV, located at the bottom of this page.

    Why does it matter that we’re “fee-only”? The fact that we’re fee-only advisers means that our only source of revenue is from you. We don’t collect commissions from referrals we make. In other words, we work for you and for your best interests, guaranteed.

    How do our fees compare to other wealth management firms? Our fees are highly competitive and designed to offer easy billing.

    What we promise.

    We are fiduciary financial advisers, which means that we’re legally bound to serve your best interests. That means, we:

    – do not push financial products.
    – do not collect commissions.
    – have the freedom to use the best tools available.
    – do what is only best for you.

    Here’s why working with a fiduciary matters so much.
    An alternative to working with a fiduciary is working with a broker. But most people don’t realize that brokers, while also SEC licensed financial advisers, meet a lower standard of suitability.

    Brokers are required to provide investment and planning recommendations that are “suitable” (recently amended to “best interest”) for the client’s stated objectives. Basically, it’s the “good enough” standard and wouldn’t violate the suitability standard unless they were outright scams.

    For instance, a broker could (and often does) recommend a mutual fund sold by the investment bank he works for in order to earn a commission and points towards his sales quota. The fund could be more expensive and provide less value than other funds, but the recommendation would still fall within the suitability guidelines.

    Fiduciaries, on the other hand, are legally required to create strategies, portfolios, and planning recommendations that serve the client’s goals. Our recommendations are considered more trustworthy because they’re aligned with your goals, without the conflicts of interest that influence brokers.

    In other words, we care too much about your future to let commissions sway your absolute best interests.

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