How to Transfer Wealth to the Next Generation

by | Aug 15, 2023 | Blog

By Adam K. Wright, CFA®, CFP®

The U.S. is on the verge of the largest wealth transfer in its history, with an estimated $84 trillion set to be passed down to beneficiaries by 2045. Whether you have a significant amount of assets or a more modest estate, it’s important to familiarize yourself with various wealth transfer strategies.

From simple bequeathing to intricate annuities and trusts, there are many options available for people in all financial situations. While setting up these strategies may require professional legal and financial planning, effective generational wealth transfer methods play a critical role in safeguarding and ideally extending family wealth. Many retirees reach the end of their retirement plans with unused assets, and sometimes this is a substantial number. Having a plan to transfer wealth successfully can keep Uncle Sam out of your pocket. Here’s an overview of what you can do to optimize the transfer of your wealth and leave a legacy for your loved ones.

Make Direct Payments 

Simply making direct payments for your children or grandchildren’s expenses is one of the easiest ways to transfer your wealth without the hassle of taxes. Many institutions will allow you to pay your grandchildren’s tuition directly from your account. You can also conveniently take care of other important expenses, such as medical expenses, by automating payments to their healthcare provider.

When you make this sort of payment directly to an organization or institution, it can help you bypass the burden of gift tax, which can be a hefty price to pay on your assets. However, if you gift the money directly to the recipient, and let them pay tuition or their medical bills, you might be subject to gift taxes. 

Give Annual Gifts 

You could also decide to gift some of your assets to your loved ones. Giving gifts helps you reduce the taxable portion of your estate, and you can gift up to $17,000 for 2023 to a loved one before any gift taxes are incurred. If you are splitting the gift with your spouse, you can give up to $34,000 combined for 2023 to anyone. To effectively transfer wealth to the next generation, create an annual gifting strategy to maximize its benefits over the long term. 

Fund a 529 Plan 

Another great way to transfer wealth to your children and grandchildren is through the use of 529 college savings plans. There is a special provision that allows donors to contribute 5 years’ worth of gifts as a lump sum. This means for 2023, an individual can gift up to $85,000 and a married couple could gift up to $170,000 without incurring gift taxes! The beneficiary can then withdraw the funds and the investment growth tax-free to pay for qualified education expenses.

Limits to Wealth Transfer Planning

It’s worth noting that once you gift more than the annual limit of $17,000 per person per recipient in 2023, the excess amount spills into your “lifetime exclusion bucket.” You must use this entire amount before the IRS requires you to pay gift tax. For 2023, the current lifetime exclusions are $12.92 million and $25.84 million for individuals and married couples, respectively. You will be required to file a gift tax form for any amounts that exceed the annual gifting limits, individually or jointly. This is how the IRS will track your lifetime exclusion amount.

Going further, some families transfer wealth through irrevocable gift trusts that hold low basis assets that are expected to appreciate over the long term. These can be complicated structures that require legal guidance. However, irrevocable trusts are permanent; once set up and funded, they usually cannot be changed. 

Regardless of the strategy (or strategies) you may want to explore to effectively transfer your wealth to the next generation, we suggest fully understanding the pros and cons before giving money away. 

Consider the Gift of Time 

I’m noticing more and more that it’s not as much about leaving money to your children as it is enjoying the fruits of your lifelong labors through quality time with them while you’re still alive. Experiences shared as a family often mean much more to your kids when they look back on your time together. Rather than safeguarding your wealth to be left after you’re gone, consider, for example, taking your whole family on that dream trip to Paris. These experiences produce lifelong memories that are likely more impactful than leaving them a larger inheritance.

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