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Global Perspective

Continuous learning is an essential part of our professional and personal growth. Whether it’s attending seminars, reading, conducting research or simply staying on top of financial and economic developments, learning is work that we love. An immersive component of continuous learning is travel. Travel is like a field experiment, but with better food.

Members of the Wright team have travelled to over 100 countries on all seven continents. And each trip has provided first hand insight into everything from local cuisine and culture to economic and environmental issues. We’ve found that travel allows you to remove the barriers between you and the “other” and places you directly into new experiences and perspectives.  Immersing yourself in new environments provides direct knowledge of the local issues, people, and markets that define the culture and economies of the global marketplace.

What we learn about the countries we visit provides us with a deeper understanding of the markets and assets which make up the diversified portfolios we build. In Global Perspective, you’ll find a curated collection of financial insights, historical research, and photos exploring the natural beauty and culture of the lands we’ve travelled.

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