Clients are treated in the same way we would want to be treated if the roles were reversed. We believe that it is a tremendous honor to be offered the opportunity to assist in handling an individual's, a family's or a corporation's money. We give every client, every relationship the respect it deserves. That's why every client is provided individualized services, specific to their goals and objectives.

We define private wealth management as an aggregate set of services that help clients manage, maintain and control their financial wealth. When you hire Kathleen S. Wright Associates, Inc. as your financial planner, investment advisor, financial advisor or wealth manager we put your best interests first. Our duty is to serve you.

  • What we do :
    1. Individually tailor recommendations to each client’s unique needs;

    2. Focus on what is controllable and knowable;

    3. Perform our own research objectively and independently;

    4. Align firm capital with client capital; and

    5. Continuously pursue better knowledge.

  • What we do not do :
    1. Outsource any aspect of our value-add;

    2. Use junior advisers or sales people to manage client relationships;

    3. Earn revenue from any source other than client management fees;

    4. Promise or guarantee performance or outcomes; and

    5. Attempt to time the market or make big bets.

Our goal is to work with a select group of clients for which we build deep and lasting relationships and help them grow and protect their capital over the long-term. We feel the most satisfied when clients reach their goals.

Customer Service

By delivering a fiduciary and client first mentality and seeking delightful experiences.


Intellectual Capital

By focusing on continuous education and learning, exploring a wide array of disciplines and knowledge areas, and figuring ways to creatively incorporate them into client plans and portfolios.


Satisfactory Returns

By implementing and using sensible, time tested, and long-term oriented processes with empirical evidence of success.

Wealth Management

Financial planning is a one-to-one activity in which we devote our time and effort solely to the individual client with whom we are working. Ultimately, clients receive a personal financial roadmap. This plan primarily deals with preserving, protecting, growing and converting human capital to financial capital. It holds clients accountable and helps them achieve their personal financial goals and objectives.

The best time to build a financial plan was when you graduated college.

The second best time is today.

Key aspects of a financial plan include: defining goals and objectives, cash flow anlaysis, income and financial positions analysis, retirement planning, education planning, asset planning, tax planning, estate planning and insurance planning.

Wealth Management

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Investment management is intertwined with financial planning as part of a comprehensive wealth management process. It is the actual implementation of the personal financial plan. Unlike planning aspects, it is a one-to-many exercise. This means that our firms’ efforts in research and portfolio construction can be scaled across many different clients. Thus, regardless of number of clients our research and analysis is the same.

We develop portfolios specific to clients and contain the following goals and features:

  • Overall portfolio goals :
    1. Efficiency in design with low overlap between holdings;

    2. Maintain a tilt toward value as a means of long-term return potential outperformance;

    3. Match portfolio expectations to client goals and constraints; and

    4. Avoid overpaying for sameness.

  • Key portfolio features :
    1. Focused: We tend to concentrate in our best ideas.

    2. Diligent Selection: Investments are carefully selected and persistently monitored.

    3. Fundamental: We know what we own, and why we own it.

    4. Low Turnover: Investments are held for the long-term.

Ideal Clients

Clients receive our best work when there are high levels of mutual trust and respect.
We work best with clients that are like us.

Our Ideal Clients have the following main characteristics:

  • 1
    Successful - They tend to be small business owners, corporate executives, or professionals.
  • 2
    Good Stewards - They tend to be responsible savers and not spenders.
  • 3
    Delegators - They tend to trust professional service organizations and are willing to outsource management of certain parts of their lives.
  • 4
    Technically Minded - They tend to be good with details and are good at identifying and understanding idiosyncrasies.
  • 5
    Independent - They tend to think for themselves and be the “engine of their own machine”.
  • 6
    Thoughtful - They tend to not be superficial and try to focus on the layers under the surface.
  • 7
    Think Long-Term -

    They tend to have courage of their convictions and are not swayed by short-term noise.

Great relationships come in many different flavors. Everyone has different time horizons, different risk tolerances, different dispositions, different opinions and different needs, goals and objectives. Clients are treated and met at their level. However, a unifying trait that runs through the bullet points above is a strong desire to learn. It's how we all get better.

Fee Structure

When it comes to fees our goal is to be clear and transparent. Our only source of revenue is from you. We do not collect commissions or trailing fees for any products we use in your accounts. We believe this arrangement helps us maintain a strong alignment with you.

We work with many different types of clients, whose needs vary. That’s why we offer options to best fit your needs.

Clients have the option to select either a comprehensive fee or an ala carte service offering.

Minimum Annual Fee $500 $10,000
Initial Planning $500 – 1 FP Function & Investment Plan
$2,000 – 2-3 FP Functions & Investment Plan
$5,000 – All FP Functions & Investment Plan
$0.00 (included)
Recurring Updates $300/Hour – Adam K. Wright, CFA, CFP®
$400/Hour – Kathleen S. Wright, CFA
$400/Hour – A. Gregory Lintner, CFA
$0.00 (included)
Discretionary Investment Management
%AUM (Automated)
First $2,000,000 0.40%
Next $3,000,000 0.35%
Thereafter 0.25%
%AUM (Active)
First $1,000,000 1.00%
Next $4,000,000 0.75%
Next $5,000,000 0.50%
Over $10,000,000 0.30%
Access We recommend 1 planning meeting per year. The automated investment program includes 1 meeting per year. Unlimited

A comprehensive fee tends to be right for clients who meet the minimum fee requirements and who require both financial planning and investment management but enjoy a straightforward arrangement and don’t want to be constrained on the services they receive.

An ala carte fee is a good choice for clients who wish to control costs or wish to engage in professional services but on a limited basis. More generally, ala carte pricing enables Wright Associates to provide professional services at reasonable fees for clients early in the capital accumulation process. Or for clients who wish to manage their own money but want a second opinion or a review of their accounts and financial standing.

Important: All fees paid to Kathleen S. Wright Associates, Inc. are separate and distinct from any fees paid for trading or to underlying fund management companies.

Please review our ADV for further clarification on how we charge for our professional services. For reference our ADV may be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

Please note: The scope of any financial planning and consulting service depends upon the terms of the engagement and the specific requests and needs of the client. Wright Associates does not serve as a law firm, certified public accounting firm, nor an insurance agency. Wright Associates does not prepare legal documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products.

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