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When it comes your wealth, you want a fiduciary working for you. That way, you know your best interests come first. 

  • We do not push financial products.
  • We do not collect commissions.
  • We are not a bank.
  • We have the freedom to use the best tools available.

How we work with you

  • 1
    Learn -

    Our first meeting is focused entirely on learning about your situation, your concerns, and what you want to accomplish to see if our approach is a good fit for your needs. 

  • 2
    Data Collection -

    Based on your goals and the problems you need solved, we'll request a short list of statements, documents and other relevant information so we can conduct our initial analysis.

  • 3
    Discovery -

    We will review your information, assess your risks and opportunities, and identify any other issues that should be addressed. 

  • 4
    Workshop -

    We will take you through our preliminary analysis, as well as some projections and scenarios to illustrate how different strategies could improve your situation.

  • 5
    Presentation -

    After incorporating your feedback from the Workshop, we'll create a custom report detailing our findings. We'll present our recommendations and walk you through how we would add value to your situation. 

  • 6
    Engagement -

    If you are interested in moving forward, we will create your custom financial plan, built specifically to address your needs and goals, with clear, transparent pricing. 

  • 7
    Implementation -

    Once you know where you need to go, it’s time to get going. We will guide you through your first steps, and each step thereafter as we implement your plan.

  • 8
    Monitor & Review -

    Financial planning is an ongoing process. Meetings and reviews are central to our approach, and necessary to drive progress and to remain properly calibrated as your life and needs evolve.

Your plan is crucial to your financial success, but no one’s life is static. Exceptional financial planning means staying on top of the changes in your life, in the markets and across the globe. As part of our ongoing relationship, we communicate with you regularly and are readily accessible when questions come up.

Wealth management is comprehensive financial planning that integrates every aspect of your financial life.

It's much more than investment management. It's more than planning for retirement or saving for your kids' education. It's organizing and aligning every part of your life that touches money, eliminating redundancy, minimizing risk, and taking advantage of the available opportunities.

Key Practice Areas:

  • Cash Flow and Savings
  • Debt Elimination
  • Risk Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Executive Compensation
  • Medicare and Social Security Optimization

Investment Management Services

Our investment management approach is based on sound fundamentals and leverages our team’s experience and technical skills.  We're an independent RIA and completely agnostic to providers and products, so the entire investment marketplace is available to build a custom portfolio optimized to achieve your goals. .

  • Overall portfolio goals :
    1. Efficiency in design with low cost asset class exposure;

    2. Maintain a tilt toward value as a means of long-term return potential outperformance;

    3. Match portfolio expectations to client goals and constraints; and

    4. SImplify holdings and eliminate redundancy

  • Key portfolio features :
    1. Focused: We tend to concentrate in our best ideas.

    2. Diligent Selection: Investments are carefully selected and persistently monitored.

    3. Fundamental: We know what we own, and why we own it.

    4. Low Turnover: Investments are held for the long-term.

Key Practice Areas:

  • Security Selection & Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Policy Creation
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Rebalancing
  • Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Portfolio Management
  • Performance Reporting & Analysis

Fee Structure

Wright Associates provides fee-only financial planning and investment management services. See specifics below, or download our Form CRS located at the bottom of this page.

When it comes to fees our goal is to be clear and transparent. Our only source of revenue is from you. We do not collect commissions or trailing fees for any products we use in your accounts. We believe this arrangement helps us maintain a strong alignment with you.

We work with many different types of clients, whose needs vary. That’s why we offer options to best fit your needs.

We charge one fee for our wealth management services. You have the option of picking two ways to be charged.

Option One is to split planning and investing into two separate fees. Flat fees for financial planning ranging from $100 per month to $1,000 per month based on the breadth, depth, complexity, and level of services required by a client. Variable fees for investment management in the form of percent of assets under management (“%AUM”). They are 0.50% on the first $10,000,000 and drop to 0.25% for incremental amounts over $10,000,000.

Option Two is to be charged an all-in-one comprehensive fee that includes our full suite of services for both planning and investing. It follows this schedule:

fee schedule february 2021

We also accept credit card payments for financial planning fees through our financial planning software Right Capital. The service is Right Pay and is just another option to make your life easier.

A comprehensive fee tends to be right for clients who meet the minimum fee requirements and who require both financial planning and investment management but enjoy a straightforward arrangement and don’t want to be constrained on the services they receive.

An ala carte fee is a good choice for clients who wish to control costs or wish to engage in professional services but on a limited basis. More generally, ala carte pricing enables Wright Associates to provide professional services at reasonable fees for clients early in the capital accumulation process. Or for clients who wish to manage their own money but want a second opinion or a review of their accounts and financial standing.

Please review our ADV for further clarification on how we charge for our professional services. For reference our ADV may be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

Let us help you discover and prioritize your goals.

Schedule a free goal planning session today!