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by | Feb 24, 2021 | Blog

We’re growing. We’re expanding our services. We’re looking to the future. Expect to see new faces and hear new voices at Wright Associates. This is exciting news, so we’re interrupting our regularly scheduled commentary to introduce you to two new team members.

Kyle Beckhusen

Today, we’re very pleased to announce that Kyle Beckhusen, CFP®, CLU®, will be joining Wright Associates as a Senior Financial Adviser. We met Kyle the good old fashion way, through networking and personal referrals. He brings with him a wealth of experience in risk management and financial planning, and an extensive background in integrated insurance solutions which will expand our offering to include an even wider array of services.

Want to learn more? Click here to see Kyle’s reasons for joining the team.

Kyle gets it. He’s earned the right to call himself a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Chartered Life Underwriter®. Long story short, his credentials and his approach to serving clients indicate to us that he’s a dedicated and consummate professional. We’re very excited to work with Kyle, whose exceptional professional standards and laser-focus on crafting customized solutions for his clients align perfectly with our service perspective of putting our clients’ best interests first and foremost, always.

Last week was a whirlwind! On Monday, February 8th, Oliver Cohen joined the firm as our Director of Marketing. Oliver brings 15+ years of marketing and communications experience, with a focus on connecting client needs to the services most relevant to their specific situation. His role will be to fine tune and enhance the firm’s communications, digital presence, and educational content. And the next time you call the office, his voice might be the one you hear. Oliver, like every team member at Wright, understands that to provide exceptional client service, their needs are always the top priority. That means when a client calls in, it doesn’t go to voice mail – one of us will be there to answer their questions.

Kathe and Greg founded Wright Associates over twenty years ago, welcoming their first client in September of 2000. They’ve helped clients navigate a tech and telecom bubble, the great recession, and now a global pandemic. To clients, the real heroes of the story, they’ve proven to be knowledgeable and trustworthy guides. And they thank you for placing your continued trust in us.

Many of you may have seen the announcement made in our 2021 regulatory renewal filing with the SEC. Effective December 31, 2020, Adam became a 30% owner. Kathe maintains control with the other 70%. As noted in our ADV email: Our Brochure contains a Material Changes section, in which you will find a summary of all material changes made to our Brochure since our last annual amendment filing. Effective December 31, 2020, Adam Wright, a Wright family member, and firm investment professional of 10 years, is now a 30% firm owner. Kathleen Wright continues to be the majority owner, President and Chief Compliance Officer of the firm. You can read the official disclosure here.

With a new partner and new staff, we’re looking to the future. 2020 was transformative. A major leap into the future was the shift of our servers to the cloud along with the adoption of other new technology to help us better serve you. Some changes were a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, while others were serendipitously planned. Regardless of the origin, we’ve implemented many new technological and operational efficiencies which have resulted in more bandwidth for us to continue enhancing our services, and we’re excited about what the future holds.

In Kathe’s own words: One of life’s remarkable and truly unexpected pleasures is being able to work with your adult son in a professional capacity. Adam has been working for Wright Associates for nearly 10 years. What started as a brief, temporary stint to provide IT and database support has now morphed into a true partnership. Adam is excited about continuing our tradition and embracing the generational changes in the marketplace that occur with every business.

Although the planning has been in the works for a long time, COVID-19 was the catalyst for a new beginning for the business. While change is the only constant, it seems as though our industry is changing at an increasing pace. Information availability and technological disruption is breaking down many long-standing barriers.

We’re investing heavily in our business, our systems, and our people to ensure that we continue to provide the best advice possible for our clients. Ultimately, the changes being made are for your benefit and your continued success and prosperity. Our goal is to continue to be fiercely independent and find partners that share in our mission. We believe that client-first wealth management and financial planning improves the lives of our clients. Everyone can benefit from financial planning, and it helps people come alive knowing that when they partner with us, they can reach their goals and have peace of mind.

Here at Wright Associates, we’re thrilled for what’s to come. Rather than ignore the change happening around us and fighting for the status quo, we’re embracing the potential for a radically different and radically better future. As noted above, our People Strategy is now officially in action. The ranks have grown, and so has firm expertise. We are focused on being more valuable to our clients, and aim to be your go-to source for client-first, independent financial advice.

The firm of the future is a fee-only, registered investment adviser (fiduciary) that places the client above all else and before anything else. Professionals will be required to be credentialed, knowledgeable and capable of delivering exceptional and personal service, enhanced and empowered by technology.

Embracing the change 2021 is likely to bring, we smile. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing. We will be here for you today and for those of future generations. We are open for business and we are growing. New business and new referrals are always welcome – if you have a colleague or friend who might benefit from an obligation-free consultation, we’d love to speak to them to see if we can help.


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