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Who can you trust to give you unbiased investment advice? If you are like most people, you assume that someone who provides investment advice to you must be required to act in your best interest. Unfortunately, that is only true for some advisors – those who are fiduciaries.
Financial laws and regulations have two sets of rules. One set is for people who sell financial products, generally brokers and insurance company representatives. These salespeople are contractually obligated to place the interests of their employer ahead of the interests of their clients.
The other set of rules is for those who are registered as investment advisers with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or comparable state regulators. Registered investment advisers are legally obligated to place your interests first. They are fiduciaries. That means they must not only be loyal to serving your exclusive best interests, but they must also adhere to a high standard of professional competence.
Unlike in other professions where there are recognized standards of professional designation, such as the law and medicine, anyone can call himself an investment advisor—even if he is really a salesperson whose primary loyalty is to his employer rather than to the person he advises. This situation is confusing for investors, clients, and prospects, and it needs to change.


The fiduciary promise of Wright Associates is to invest our client’s assets in the same manner and with the same diligence as is done with our own investments. We practice our trade with scrupulous honesty and integrity. We have obtained and support through continuing education, the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation, which has a rigorous and uncompromising emphasis on analysis and application of financial knowledge across core areas of the investment process.
Kathleen S. Wright Associates, Inc. is a federally registered investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission, providing investment services to high net worth individuals. Our only offices are located at 2589 Washington Road, Suite 410, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15241. 


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