Who operates Wright Associates?

We are wholly owned by Kathleen S. Wright, President and CEO. Greg Lintner is Head of Research. Adam Wright manages the technology systems and assists in research. All three manage client assets.

Who are the clients of Wright Associates?

We do not disclose the names of our clients. However, we offer services primarily to high net worth individuals, endowments, ERISA plans and other institutional clients. If the information you have read on our site is of interest to you, then we encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs further.

What investment advisory services does Wright Associates offer?

We are a boutique investment firm that focuses on the management of liquid investable assets for our clients. We are also capable of helping clients with other financial planning needs. When necessary we can provide the names and contacts of other professionals that assist clients with estate planning, taxes, etc.

When are Wright Associates hours of business?

We operate during the hours of 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. Our schedules are very flexible and should a client or prospective client require a different time to communicate we are happy to oblige.

Where is Wright Associates located?

We are located near the intersection of McMurray Road  and Washington Road in Upper St Clair. For a map please visit our “Contact” page.

Why was Wright Associates founded?

We believe that everybody deserves to work with an investment adviser that cares. We found that owning our own business gave us the best opportunity to provide hands-on management that enables clients to achieve their financial goals. It is our promise to clients that we will invest our client’s assets in the same manner and with the same diligence as is done with our own investments. We will practice our trade with scrupulous honesty and integrity.

How do I get in contact with an investment adviser representative at Wright Associates?

Please call Wright Associates at +1.412.854.2100, or complete the form on the “contact” page.

What separates Wright Associates from other financial advisers?

Firstly, we operate as a fiduciary to our client assets. This means our clients interests take precedence over our own.  Thus, we maintain an alignment of interest with our clients and any form that use to implement an investment strategy.

Secondly, for those clients in withdrawal mode, we keep three years of cash and low volatility assets.  We never want clients to fear that they will have a permanent loss of capital because they need to sell a security at a loss in market downturn.

Thirdly, all portfolios are custom-built for each client. We do not have “average black box portfolios”. We take many items into consideration when a portfolio is constructed – assets, liabilities, goals, income needs, charitable contributions, estate issues – all are considered in the plan documentation.

Will Wright Associates hold my money?

No. We are registered investment advisers, not brokers or custodians. The only funds we receive from clients are the management fees. We generally use Charles Schwab as a custodian.  Where possible, we use institutional share class pricing for our clients at this firm.  Because we use a reputable third party as an outside custodian there is minimal chance for a Bernie Madoff event to occur.

How is Wright Associates compensated?

We are solely compensated by fees paid directly to us from our clients.  We only charge as a percent of total assets and receive no commissions or referral fees.  Ideally, as our client’s portfolios grow in value we make more money and if client’s portfolios decline in value we will make less money.  We believe this arrangement is positive for both us and our clients and it aligns our interests very well.  We recommend any prospective client review our ADV 2 filing for more information on our fees.

How does Wright Associates report to clients?

Although Schwab will send reports with transactions and other information on a monthly basis, we provide a comprehensive set of customized quarterly reports.  If a client has any need, we will always provide updated reports at his or her request.